Re-discovering Self. Motivation thru Life, Music and Art

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My name is Indeed Love. I am a Emcee, DJ (DJ MUAH), Visual Artist and Mom. I currently live in New York City, a transplant via Buffalo NY. I am a Film major at The City College University of New York.

About three and a half years ago, at a very pivotal point in my life, I quit my job and relocated to NYC. Though I had I always dreamed of living here, my move was thwarted by a urgent need to escape an ugly environment of despair and complacency. I re-enrolled in college as a third time freshman, to fulfill the long deferred personal goal of obtaining my BA degree. I am now a second semester junior. (Update: I’m a Senior now!!! Yeah me! I can almost taste the graduation cake!)

Life in New York has been a collage of beautiful and challenging experiences. I have been through many trials, and thankfully, survived them all. I can say that it was here that I became a “real woman”. And it was here that I embarked on a much needed journey to self re-discovery. Some of which I will share with you on this site.

My goal and purpose of this blog, is to add a visual or behind the scenes look into my journey. This idea spawned from the messages and comments I’d receive from people on my FB page, in person or other. Inspirational messages and other affectionate compliments on how what I’m doing has motivated them in some way. I didn’t have a clue! So when a friend suggested that I use my stories and interests as motivation for others, I decided to create this blog. I hope that by seeing me try my hand at new and different things, by sharing something I learned, or experienced; that someone somewhere is motivated to do the same with their own life, in their own way. I encourage each of you to step out and discover “Yourself”.  You’ll be surprised at what you may find.

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One response

  1. JiSun

    Wow. I never knew you were a MC… I admire the progress you are making you have truly come a long way… Keep up the good work

    September 18, 2014 at 7:31 am

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