Re-discovering Self. Motivation thru Life, Music and Art

WildStyle ART

"Bubbles and Swirls" in Clay


Two years ago I got a great idea, I decided to take some art classes at my college. I was in a very un-creative zone and had just been through a draining situation in my life (to say the least). I thought that by taking some fun classes it would help spark something inside of me, and lift my spirits a bit. I must say, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Since, I have taken an art class or two each semester, seven so far. Enough actually, that I could now declare Art as my minor (if I weren’t already minoring in Creative Writing). Anyhow. I really discovered a lot about myself.

I had always been creative as a youth and attracted to various types of art. I enjoyed visiting museums and taking arts and crafts in school and after school programs. I even attended high school for the Arts, where I majored in Theatre. But, somewhere along the way, I guess I kinda lost that part of myself in my adulthood.

I’ve found that loosing a part of one’s self is very easy to do once thrusted into the crazy world of parenthood; 9 to 5 jobs and such. Very few of the classmates I had back in high school, continued in their arts after graduation (very, very few). I think many of us become so far separated from our former selves that we may even forget the interest of our childhood altogether. I realized that when I sat in my first art class, Intro to painting. Now, seven art classes later, I am happy to have found new passion in my life, through a rediscovered a jewel of my youth.

So if you are lacking passion in your life, or just feeling kind of blah…. check out your local colleges for some art classes. You can even check the local newspapers for different classes in your neighborhood or city. And if your short on time or money, don’t forget to check out local art stores; YMCA’s and other programs, there’s plenty of classes you could take for free! Whatever it is dance, music, martial arts or other; just get up, get moving and do something. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Heres some little things created by me 😉

"A piece of Him" oil painting on canvas

Interpretation of FRIDA

A Still Life - Charcoal

"Nature" in red clay


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