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Hello Summer! It’s HOT out here for a PIMP!

ImageDisappeared for a year, now I’m back y’all! – In my LL Cool J voice.

Okay… So we’ll call this the “taking things to the next level and choosing a web host provider” post.  At this very moment, I have a headache! I mean I really… REALLY, need Calgon to take me away and wash over me with a sea of bubbles! Man, I don’t know what’s worse? Trying to choose the best and effective web hosting… or purposely giving yourself paper cuts! Talk about headaches and confusion, there is simply just too many options to choose from when it comes to web hosting. I mean dreamhost, bluehost, hosthost, dreambluehost, blueivy.. host, bayoncehostajzbluedreamhost! WTH! I personally haven’t felt this flustered by choices, since I went to Washington DC for the 100th year Omega Psi Phi celebration, where the male/female ratio felt about 350:1, and I was a single little fish in an ocean of men, I mean DAWGS, barking for my attention! (And, that’s both literal & figuratively LOL 🙂 ). Talk about choices! So yes, I’ve been diligently working on the behind the scenes of a very informative lifestyle blog/vlog that will be launching this summer! (Name-TBA).

Outside of that I’ve been busy being and doing me. Quietly. Without disrupting others. Like a nice ol’ lady should.

As we speak, one of my sister/friends is texting me with questions about how to get started writing her first book. (Hi Tas!) Well,  with all the resources we have at out fingertips these days, thankfully writing a book and getting it published is much less a tedious process than ever before. There are many resources at our fingertips to get us on our way. I think the hardest part is taking the time to sit down and write it. That has been an ongoing “mind rattling” thought that roams around my own head almost everyday. A thought which will only cease, after I’ve completed that task. See, as a kid… Wait! – insert the introspective self-reflective  melancholy music here). Now lets resume… See, as a kid and even now, my passion has always been writing. Though I have translated that passion in many ways though out my life in the forms of hip hop, public speaking, song writing; the overall ‘theme’ is writing. I began journal-ing in my youth to release my teenage frustrations, using it as a place to be free, speak my mind, (and cuss like I wanted to but couldn’t do in front of my parents). Lol. Later,those frustrated themes became short stories, most of which i’ve kept to myself. But now I feel, that it’s the right and ripe time to share my thoughts, stories and interests, to whomever wishes to read them. Most important, I feel it’s time to release what’s been shelved inside, to whomever can relate (or not). Throughout my life, I’ve had some real bad and really good moments, moments that I feel I no longer need to keep to myself. And besides, you never know who could relate to your story. You might end up motivating or inspiring someone. #doublewin!       So long short of it all, it Memoir time! – Heck it’s blog, vlog, album, and memoir time, since we’re keeping things real 🙂

So to all my fellow writers, there is no better time to pick up the pen, or open that word doc, than now. So I don’t know about you, but I see a lawn chair, a ice cold beverage and this laptop in my immediate future. Hello Summer!

I want to take a moment to shout out Ms. Vonetta Rhodes (aka my first friend, lol), for stopping me at the festival last weekend and encouraging me to return to my blog. This one is for you. Oh and by the way ‘Netta, I’m really sorry for punching you when we were 8… although I don’t remember, I think my childhood trauma defense mechanism must have blocked it out. I love you to pieces!

Feel free to come check me out on instragram: @iamindeedlove

Oh and if you’ve had good experience with a web host, please drop me a comment with your recommendation! I’d love that! 🙂