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From January to July! Sheesh!

Me au Natural

Goodbye July.. you flew right by! Kinda like the rest of the year. It’s going into the 8th month of the year, and I don’t… and I mean DON’T .. know where the time went.

I had been so focused in the beginning of the year on graduating, and moving; that I really got caught up with all that. Now that it’s over, well kinda (that’s another story), I am in a new sector of my life, in a little place I like to call… IN BETWEEN. In between what you ask, well, in between it all. School, work, home & life, yes I am in the middle of things. Not either a good or bad place to be, just there, somewhere. Well actually, it is a good thing, because it’s the place after completion, and just before new beginnings; and there is nothing wrong with that. I’m embracing the newness.

So I’m changing in other ways as well. I went back natural in may. I even took it a step further by rocking my new natural do in a rather funky fresh style. It’s called the Plug 2, affectionately named by my barber Damon and I. It’s an ode to a throwback era of hip hop, dedicated to my dear friend and one of

My “Plug 2” Haircut 🙂

my favorite emcees, Dave aka Plug 2 or Trugoy from De La Soul. It was inspired actually by the Potholes video where both Dave and Maseo rocked some abstract hybrid of a box cut/slope/natural twisty knotty hair style. Maseo rocked his with the ill Peace sign that was carved from his fade into the knotty parts of the hair itself. It was the first time I saw De La Soul and fell in love with these kids from Amityville. Anyhow, my haircut is a full shaven side in which the rest of my hair I twist into bantu knots; then release them on the second day into knotty spiral coils. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments (& stares too). Actually, looking back on the Potholes in my Lawn video, I began thinking my hairstyle resembles Plug 3 a bit more.. so maybe I should call it the Plug 23? I don’t know.

So then, to add a little more flavor to my hairstyle, I kept with the 90’s hip hop inspired theme and revisited the blonde patch of my youth, a la the rapper Kwame with the polkadots & blonde swirl. Yeah, so I had to rap one time for the mind with the blonde patch on the same left side that I rocked it as a teen. Midlife crisis?… some might say, but I won’t argue that. At least it’s a creative crisis. So yeah that’s my new do.. The Plug 23, Blonde Kwame emcee, nappy half-hawk with the shaved side. I almost did the peace sign, but there is some truth to having too much of a good thing.

Outside of that I’ve been resting up this summer so far. I was beat and whipped out from all the mental stresses of graduating, moving and relocating. It was tiring. So now that I’m rested, I’m ready to get started on the newness. But, first I gotta find whatever that newness is. I’m sure I will in the next week or so.

So, outside of, outside of that (not a typo); everyone is good. The family is good, the kids are good, hubby is good, I’m good.. and Life is Good! And that goes for the Nas Album “Life is Good”, well actually that’s Freaking Awesome. I drove down the street listening to the album when, I felt a tear drop from my eye, followed by more tears! Somewhere in the middle of the album, it brought me to tears! I was so moved, happy for and proud of Nas. As my FB Friend Marlando TrueLife put it “Nas is really in a special place lyrically right now”. He really is. He’s making it cool & Ok to be grown on the microphone, and that is sooooo needed right now. So yeah I’m feeling that.

Alright, I posted. Now let me get back in the bed to sleep. It’s 1:54am and beauty rest is needed. TTYL.


A “Belated” New Year, A “Belated” New YOU!

Hello 2012 🙂

A Belated New Year

Hello! I thought that would be the best place to begin. Next I’m going to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Although it’s 28 days into it, just take it for what’s it’s worth and lets move on, lol. Well, I’ve been busy and these days are flying right off the calendar it seems. And yesterday I just began the first day of classes of my last semester of college (…hops out the bed! does happy dance! returns to bed.. begins typing again…) Yes, so much has been going on and personally I have been in the midst of a spiritual breakthrough that in one word can only be described as… HAPPY! 😀

You know, I’m at that age/stage in life where I simply don’t give a damn about things that aren’t worth giving a damn about. I’m sure you understood that. I mean I just really don’t care anymore. Negative people… don’t care. Non-life threatening issues… don’t care. Ish that is out of my power to change… don’t care. Then to get real simple with it.. Facebook… don’t care. whatever that happened with so-n-so… don’t care. Oh and… remember back in the days ….. UGH! really don’t care! If it’s not pertaining to something optimistic and/or life enhancing; happy and pleasant; healthy and good for me, then I simply and wholeheartedly…. do not care. This, I must admit feels really good and is a great place to be. (I’m moving in permanently!)

I’m looking forward to the close of a few endeavors that are finally coming to a beautiful ending. I graduate in 4 months… My album is almost complete… The blogs are coming together… and I’ve finally blown the dust off my turntables and actually excited about getting reacquainted with my 1’s and 2’s again. I’ve even begun a book, a memoir of sort that I’m having fun creating. Everything is coming together, but most important I’ve come together finding peace within.

A belated new you…

So yeah I’ve been working on me. And my approach has simply been to do the things I love and to put my all into it. I’ve also been practicing following my own intuition and not being swayed. Meaning, I have been sticking to my guns even on the simplest of things and not allowing others (primarily family members) attempt to sway me by using their guilt, sarcasm, or any other sorts of persuasion techniques that may have worked for them in the past. No.. means NO! Get mad, so what… I don’t care (words to live happily by). And  in the meantime, I’ve been off to myself joyfully doing me, totally shutting out any noise of fear, doubt or confusion, from those too afraid to “Do Them”. And it’s been working for me, wonderfully. Everyone has their own path to follow, so don’t bother me as I’m strolling alone mine.

As far as health, I’m joining the gym this week. More so for social reasons and to give me something to get out and do. I’ve been not only focused on physical health, but spiritual and psychological health as well. Although I have already done so, I’m taking even more time to invest in my own personal health and well being. I encourage everyone else to do so also. At the end of the day all you have is… YOU. If you don’t love yourself, why should anyone else want to. And having friends are great, but there’s nothing like being a friend to yourself. There’s so much to do in this big beautiful world, then sitting around miserable, but the power is in your own hand. So I’ve been enjoying exploring, learning and trying new things in and around my environment. There was so much that I was missing right here in front of my own nose. I recommend to anyone and everyone that reads this little blog of mine, to get out in your own space, open your eyes, look around and discover the things right in front of you, then go do something. Explore. Learn. Try something new. Get up, get motivated, get active, bring life back into your life. Add spice, zest, whatever you want… don’t just sit there and waste your precious gift of life away. Don’t take it for granted… live while you can 🙂

And on that note, I have things to do today… But by all means drop me a line and let me know WHAT’S NEW THAT YOUR DOING FOR YOU? Comment & Share, you never know who you may inspire by doing so. TTYL.

Your Friend,


relax and chill.. take a deep breath or two… listen: