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Healthy Living: Long-term Benefits

Healthy Living: Long-term Benefits.

Trust me. I’m going somewhere with this. So today while doing my after work web surfing (for some reason it relaxes me), I stumbled onto a video about Earnestine Shepard, the Guiness Book of Records oldest competitive female body builder. I’ve read about her before, but could always learn more as her story is quite inspiring. She began weight training in her mid 50’s as her sister’s companion in an simple attempt to take better care of themselves. Her sister passed away a few years after, however in honor of her, Earnestine kept working out daily. When you see this wonderful lady, there can be no denying of her beauty. She has a glow that resonates from inside, out. She is drop dead gorgeous and naturally so.

As I learned more about Mrs. Shepard, other links and videos began to populate showing older women whom are still in shape. But one that stood out to me was “the ageless woman”, with a title like that, I had to click on it and see for myself. What I saw was the remarkably preserved Mrs. Annette Larkins. Her age would be very hard to guess if it were not for the mature way she speaks, her hair and outfits. Not that anything is wrong with that, she dresses age appropriate, speaks three languages, and with such grace, that it is the primary indicator to her age. But oh my her face! Her body…  flawless! The 72 years young woman has definitely found the fountain of youth. She notes her vegan lifestyle as being the key to her life, and promotes eating raw foods and  a healthy lifestyle, as attributions to her youthful appearance. I found her advice to be especially interesting, with her being from a family with a history of breast cancer and diabetes. Like Mrs. Shepard, Mrs. Larkins has been married for 54 years. Her husband whom  did not follow her vegan or healthy living lifestyle, humorously stated how now wishes he had followed her path of healthy eating, as many people mistake his wife as being his daughter or grand-daughter! Lol. Looking at the couples, it’s plain to see that both Mr. Shepard & Mr. Larkins, have Hotties on their arms. Very blessed men, indeed.

These women are totally inspiring to me. I can only hope that I am able to be that Hottie on my husbands arm 20.. 30 years from now. And to be real honest, my husbands body is better than mine, and although he won’t admit it, I’ve got a bit of catching up to do. But I will give myself a little recognition that I am in pretty good shape. I hear it a lot, that I’m in shape, and I get a lot of oooh’s & ahhh’s when I tell people my age. So maybe I’m already on the path to my future hotness. At this point in my life, I

enjoying myself and appreciating myself much more than I’ve done in the past. To be happy and healthy, that’s what I’m striving for. And maybe someday, some little square glasses nerd will be blogging about me 🙂

For some true inspiration… Click the link at the top of this page… and … Check out Mrs. Earnestine Shepard in the video below…

Talk to you soon… Take care!

Indeed ❤

74 year old body builder! Mrs. Earnestine Shepard!