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Putting the Face First!

I’m going to do post about a horrible discovery.. It’s not for the faint at heart, so plug your ears, or if you are easily startled you might want to cover your eyes! What your about to see is very graphic and scary. It’s dark, It’s dingy, and millions of creepy crawly things might live there! It’s… IT’S… MY MAKEUP BAG!!! Aaaaawwwrrrrgggghhh!!!! Call 911 because I know at least one of the readers just fainted. LOL!

My dirty little secret.

Yes this weekend I’m doing the task of cleaning out my makeup bag, and I’m asking you to do the same. Why is this so important you ask? Let’s discuss.

I have been doing my face such a disservice over the past several months, and have been experiencing breakouts, which is very rare for me. It’s suggests several things and is the bodies way of saying that there’s a lot going on inside. Some reasons for breakouts on the face are from, that good ol’ time of the month, stress, poor eating habits, hair products, dirty pillow cases, sleeping with makeup, and not cleaning makeup applicators regularly. I will be first to admit that at some point or another, unaware or knowingly, I am guilty for doing one or more of the above mentioned things. And my face is the proof of it!

Bad, bad, bad...

So I’m setting out to resolve this issue over the next couple months and I will keep you posted with my progress.

The first step: For beginners I did some research online about the causes of breakouts. I made a list of all the things I know I am doing or not doing, that may be contributing to facial outbreaks. (I.E. Since summer I’ve been drinking soda, not enough water; not cleaning my makeup brushes often enough… etc). I think we kind of already have a clue as to what each of our own culprits are, that contributes to us having less than glamourous skin.

The "Blemish Be Gone" Team!

Next: After doing a bit of reading about this topic, I dropped by a local family dollar (Yes, I said Family Dollar) to see what they had in stock in their Health & Beauty section. I purchased a facial cleanser and toner, to add to the products I already had. I don’t recommend going out buying a ton of expensive facial products until you at least try somethings more reasonable. Also, I feel that though the products are great to help, it’s is the more important things like nutrition, exercise and grooming habits that will have the greatest effects.

Third: Get rid of the culprits. You have to do it all in order to see changes. You cant just change your pillow case and clean your makeup bag, but not your water intake and diet! All the necessary steps should be followed. For me that includes letting the soda and sugary things GO, drinking more water, and following a better daily facial routine. I read in an article that it take about 4 weeks to really begin to stop future outbreaks, because the outbreaks you see on your face began about a month prior to showing up. That’s Crazy. Therefore taking care of your face is definitely a PROACTIVE thing. (get it proactive, hehe. a little facial humor                                                                                                          there ;-D )

Lastly: Set your face, I mean self, up for success! If your able to do this, then do so. I had this old vanity that I purchased years ago when I first began doing hair. It was upstate at my mother’s, so over the Christmas Break I brought it back home with me. I have the perfect space for it in my bedroom and it will help so much in having all my cosmetics and hair essentials in one place. Making it easier to get to, use and easier to keep organized. But, even if you don’t have a vanity, find a small space, caboodle or bin to keep your products well managed. And above all keep them clean and dry.

Nice & Clean




A lil’ Cleaning & A lil’ Pampering

Ok so today I did a little pampering of myself. It felt really good too. Much more is needed, but this was a nice little treat to myself to kick off the ending of this semester. Only 4 days left, I’m so glad it’a almost over! So I didn’t plan for today to be some self pampering day, it just kinda happened that way. I started off by beginning to clean my apartment, but as usual I ended up off track, washing the dishes, then washing my hair. Cleaning the bathroom, then cleaning my face. Go figure. Another thing I did today, without notice, was basically detox myself. I drank so much water today that I didn’t realize how much I drank until I kept having to, well… pee. OMG! That’s when I noticed the big jug of water I finished. Well, I guess my body must’ve needed that.

So in-between the house cleaning and deep hair conditioning, I surfed the web a bit. I stumbled onto the page of BeautifulBrownBabyDoll (BBBD) on youtube, and one of her videos on facial cleansing. This prompted me to go do a facial of my own, that I had been meaning to do all day. Her skin by the way is absolutely gorgeous! So I followed my own normal routine, using my Clairsonic Pro facial scrubbing brush, along with my facial cleanser of choice Clean & Clear foaming facial cleanser.  I followed with an exfoliation using Clean & Clear blackhead eraser. In Ms. Nikki’s video (aka BBBD) she did a lighter exfoliation using baking soda and Cetaphil face wash. I instead used sugar and honey, straight from my kitchen, YUMMY! After the rinse, I swabbed my face with a witch hazel astringent. Lastly, I applied my facial moisturizer with SPF 15; it’s a new moisturizer that I tried for the first time, the price is great and I absolutely love it! Now my face feels unbelievably soft and smooth. It smells great too!

So from last back in the summer when, I embarked on my facial repair journey, I have come a long way. I have been more mindful not to fall asleep in my makeup, as I must admit that I did sometimes when I dozed off. And I have been keeping my makeup bag and brushes cleaned more regularly than I used to. Then, I found the ultimate culprit in ruining my complexion, no surprise either, you guessed it…. SODA! Yes, I had a little addiction to SPRITE that I just couldn’t seem to shake. It was crazy, because I never been a heavy soda drinker, but for whatever reason those SPRITE’s had me gone over the edge, and my face paid a heavy price.

Today, the blemishes are improving and I am seeking new ways to rid myself of them once and for all if possible. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on any good finds.

So today ultimately turned out well, although neither of the two things got fully done since I spent my day hopping between both task. I guess I’ll finish up tomorrow… 🙂 Until then… peace & love.

Your friend,



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