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Hello Summer! It’s HOT out here for a PIMP!

ImageDisappeared for a year, now I’m back y’all! – In my LL Cool J voice.

Okay… So we’ll call this the “taking things to the next level and choosing a web host provider” post.  At this very moment, I have a headache! I mean I really… REALLY, need Calgon to take me away and wash over me with a sea of bubbles! Man, I don’t know what’s worse? Trying to choose the best and effective web hosting… or purposely giving yourself paper cuts! Talk about headaches and confusion, there is simply just too many options to choose from when it comes to web hosting. I mean dreamhost, bluehost, hosthost, dreambluehost, blueivy.. host, bayoncehostajzbluedreamhost! WTH! I personally haven’t felt this flustered by choices, since I went to Washington DC for the 100th year Omega Psi Phi celebration, where the male/female ratio felt about 350:1, and I was a single little fish in an ocean of men, I mean DAWGS, barking for my attention! (And, that’s both literal & figuratively LOL 🙂 ). Talk about choices! So yes, I’ve been diligently working on the behind the scenes of a very informative lifestyle blog/vlog that will be launching this summer! (Name-TBA).

Outside of that I’ve been busy being and doing me. Quietly. Without disrupting others. Like a nice ol’ lady should.

As we speak, one of my sister/friends is texting me with questions about how to get started writing her first book. (Hi Tas!) Well,  with all the resources we have at out fingertips these days, thankfully writing a book and getting it published is much less a tedious process than ever before. There are many resources at our fingertips to get us on our way. I think the hardest part is taking the time to sit down and write it. That has been an ongoing “mind rattling” thought that roams around my own head almost everyday. A thought which will only cease, after I’ve completed that task. See, as a kid… Wait! – insert the introspective self-reflective  melancholy music here). Now lets resume… See, as a kid and even now, my passion has always been writing. Though I have translated that passion in many ways though out my life in the forms of hip hop, public speaking, song writing; the overall ‘theme’ is writing. I began journal-ing in my youth to release my teenage frustrations, using it as a place to be free, speak my mind, (and cuss like I wanted to but couldn’t do in front of my parents). Lol. Later,those frustrated themes became short stories, most of which i’ve kept to myself. But now I feel, that it’s the right and ripe time to share my thoughts, stories and interests, to whomever wishes to read them. Most important, I feel it’s time to release what’s been shelved inside, to whomever can relate (or not). Throughout my life, I’ve had some real bad and really good moments, moments that I feel I no longer need to keep to myself. And besides, you never know who could relate to your story. You might end up motivating or inspiring someone. #doublewin!       So long short of it all, it Memoir time! – Heck it’s blog, vlog, album, and memoir time, since we’re keeping things real 🙂

So to all my fellow writers, there is no better time to pick up the pen, or open that word doc, than now. So I don’t know about you, but I see a lawn chair, a ice cold beverage and this laptop in my immediate future. Hello Summer!

I want to take a moment to shout out Ms. Vonetta Rhodes (aka my first friend, lol), for stopping me at the festival last weekend and encouraging me to return to my blog. This one is for you. Oh and by the way ‘Netta, I’m really sorry for punching you when we were 8… although I don’t remember, I think my childhood trauma defense mechanism must have blocked it out. I love you to pieces!

Feel free to come check me out on instragram: @iamindeedlove

Oh and if you’ve had good experience with a web host, please drop me a comment with your recommendation! I’d love that! 🙂




Galoshes time vs. Sleepy time

It’s time for galoshes

Splishes & sploshes

Oh my gosh it’s

Galoshes time!

That’s a little rhyme that I made up for the next baby of mine. I can see up singing that on rainy days like today. I’ve always unintentionally made up songs for my children, mostly spontaneous relating to some situation that was happening at the moment. I guess it’s the emcee in me that stirs up these little freestyle nursery rhymes. But, for the record, they’ve always worked. Like the one for my daughter. “Winky’s bath song”. That song just happened one day when my daughter was an infant. I began singing that song one day to get her attention and keep her busy while in the tub. After a while, my daughter was so ………zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………… (to be continued).

Healthy Living: Long-term Benefits

Healthy Living: Long-term Benefits.

Trust me. I’m going somewhere with this. So today while doing my after work web surfing (for some reason it relaxes me), I stumbled onto a video about Earnestine Shepard, the Guiness Book of Records oldest competitive female body builder. I’ve read about her before, but could always learn more as her story is quite inspiring. She began weight training in her mid 50’s as her sister’s companion in an simple attempt to take better care of themselves. Her sister passed away a few years after, however in honor of her, Earnestine kept working out daily. When you see this wonderful lady, there can be no denying of her beauty. She has a glow that resonates from inside, out. She is drop dead gorgeous and naturally so.

As I learned more about Mrs. Shepard, other links and videos began to populate showing older women whom are still in shape. But one that stood out to me was “the ageless woman”, with a title like that, I had to click on it and see for myself. What I saw was the remarkably preserved Mrs. Annette Larkins. Her age would be very hard to guess if it were not for the mature way she speaks, her hair and outfits. Not that anything is wrong with that, she dresses age appropriate, speaks three languages, and with such grace, that it is the primary indicator to her age. But oh my her face! Her body…  flawless! The 72 years young woman has definitely found the fountain of youth. She notes her vegan lifestyle as being the key to her life, and promotes eating raw foods and  a healthy lifestyle, as attributions to her youthful appearance. I found her advice to be especially interesting, with her being from a family with a history of breast cancer and diabetes. Like Mrs. Shepard, Mrs. Larkins has been married for 54 years. Her husband whom  did not follow her vegan or healthy living lifestyle, humorously stated how now wishes he had followed her path of healthy eating, as many people mistake his wife as being his daughter or grand-daughter! Lol. Looking at the couples, it’s plain to see that both Mr. Shepard & Mr. Larkins, have Hotties on their arms. Very blessed men, indeed.

These women are totally inspiring to me. I can only hope that I am able to be that Hottie on my husbands arm 20.. 30 years from now. And to be real honest, my husbands body is better than mine, and although he won’t admit it, I’ve got a bit of catching up to do. But I will give myself a little recognition that I am in pretty good shape. I hear it a lot, that I’m in shape, and I get a lot of oooh’s & ahhh’s when I tell people my age. So maybe I’m already on the path to my future hotness. At this point in my life, I

enjoying myself and appreciating myself much more than I’ve done in the past. To be happy and healthy, that’s what I’m striving for. And maybe someday, some little square glasses nerd will be blogging about me 🙂

For some true inspiration… Click the link at the top of this page… and … Check out Mrs. Earnestine Shepard in the video below…

Talk to you soon… Take care!

Indeed ❤

74 year old body builder! Mrs. Earnestine Shepard!

3:57 AM

Yaaaaaawn…. I’m up. Why? Heck if I know. To write this blog I guess. It’s been a while, but I’m not going to go into the whole sorry for being away so long spiel. Life happens. So, I’m opting to just open my laptop and write like I’ve never been gone.

I didn’t expect to be up writing at this hour, I actually set my alarm for 5am, so that I could get up an hour early and wash the conditioner (that I was too tired to rinse last night) out of my hair. But my body had other plans. So after waking up from the weirdest pee dream ever! I laid quietly in the dark wondering why the Jamaican lady was waiting outside of my stall when there was a room with about 42 empty ones of her choice to choose from. I wondered why she kept talking to me while I was trying to pee, causing me miss the toilet, pee upon the seat, which of course made the pee splash with some hitting the back of my leg. I yelled at the Jamaican lady as she slid her skinny fingers through the crack of the stall door. It was as if she was trying to get in the stall with me, but for what?? Anyhow, after that and being followed through a warehouse by some weird man as I searched for a sink to wash my hands… well, I woke up…. with a full bladder…  Thankfully nice & dry.

I thought it was 5am. That’s my bodies natural wake up hour, where I wake up without an alarm. It happens almost everyday even when I don’t want it too. But today it’s early, maybe because I went to bed early, I was super tired. So, now I’m up. It’s too early to go washout my hair, because I’ll wake the entire house. But, I did sneak to the bathroom to pee however, because laying here with an on the verge of bursting bladder, is extremely uncomfortable and so not cute.

After returning, I laid here in the dark to ponder, some more. That’s when the little voice in my head said “Hey Indeed, you outta get your laptop and blog. You have no excuses. There’s nothing in your way”. Then the voice told me that I should not only blog now, but I should do it for 30 days straight! I thought to myself, that’s so typical of a strange voice in my head to say at 3:57 in the morning. It’s at the weirdest hours that the brain will tell the body the weirdest things to do without reason. I mean did the voice in my head talk this over with the rest of my body? Did it look into my mental to do list, before suggesting such a task? And for the next 30 days?!? I mean why 30, when everyone knows it only takes 21 days to make a habit. I don’t think the voice took any time at to do any research whatsoever regarding my life before wreck-lessly delegating task. But you know what? I’m up for the challenge. I’ll show you stupid voice in my head!! I’ll show you… who’s… bossss… yaaawwwwwn. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz OOPS! Sorry.

So.. Om. yeah. I guess you’ll be seeing more of me over the next month. I don’t know where this is going, but whatever let’s see what happens.

Okay. I’m going back to bed now. I hope that jamaican lady isn’t waiting for me still on the other side of my dreams, If so I’m gonna chase her all through that warehouse, and wrap her with a roll or toilet paper if I catch her. Good night, I mean morning… Whatever.

From January to July! Sheesh!

Me au Natural

Goodbye July.. you flew right by! Kinda like the rest of the year. It’s going into the 8th month of the year, and I don’t… and I mean DON’T .. know where the time went.

I had been so focused in the beginning of the year on graduating, and moving; that I really got caught up with all that. Now that it’s over, well kinda (that’s another story), I am in a new sector of my life, in a little place I like to call… IN BETWEEN. In between what you ask, well, in between it all. School, work, home & life, yes I am in the middle of things. Not either a good or bad place to be, just there, somewhere. Well actually, it is a good thing, because it’s the place after completion, and just before new beginnings; and there is nothing wrong with that. I’m embracing the newness.

So I’m changing in other ways as well. I went back natural in may. I even took it a step further by rocking my new natural do in a rather funky fresh style. It’s called the Plug 2, affectionately named by my barber Damon and I. It’s an ode to a throwback era of hip hop, dedicated to my dear friend and one of

My “Plug 2” Haircut 🙂

my favorite emcees, Dave aka Plug 2 or Trugoy from De La Soul. It was inspired actually by the Potholes video where both Dave and Maseo rocked some abstract hybrid of a box cut/slope/natural twisty knotty hair style. Maseo rocked his with the ill Peace sign that was carved from his fade into the knotty parts of the hair itself. It was the first time I saw De La Soul and fell in love with these kids from Amityville. Anyhow, my haircut is a full shaven side in which the rest of my hair I twist into bantu knots; then release them on the second day into knotty spiral coils. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments (& stares too). Actually, looking back on the Potholes in my Lawn video, I began thinking my hairstyle resembles Plug 3 a bit more.. so maybe I should call it the Plug 23? I don’t know.

So then, to add a little more flavor to my hairstyle, I kept with the 90’s hip hop inspired theme and revisited the blonde patch of my youth, a la the rapper Kwame with the polkadots & blonde swirl. Yeah, so I had to rap one time for the mind with the blonde patch on the same left side that I rocked it as a teen. Midlife crisis?… some might say, but I won’t argue that. At least it’s a creative crisis. So yeah that’s my new do.. The Plug 23, Blonde Kwame emcee, nappy half-hawk with the shaved side. I almost did the peace sign, but there is some truth to having too much of a good thing.

Outside of that I’ve been resting up this summer so far. I was beat and whipped out from all the mental stresses of graduating, moving and relocating. It was tiring. So now that I’m rested, I’m ready to get started on the newness. But, first I gotta find whatever that newness is. I’m sure I will in the next week or so.

So, outside of, outside of that (not a typo); everyone is good. The family is good, the kids are good, hubby is good, I’m good.. and Life is Good! And that goes for the Nas Album “Life is Good”, well actually that’s Freaking Awesome. I drove down the street listening to the album when, I felt a tear drop from my eye, followed by more tears! Somewhere in the middle of the album, it brought me to tears! I was so moved, happy for and proud of Nas. As my FB Friend Marlando TrueLife put it “Nas is really in a special place lyrically right now”. He really is. He’s making it cool & Ok to be grown on the microphone, and that is sooooo needed right now. So yeah I’m feeling that.

Alright, I posted. Now let me get back in the bed to sleep. It’s 1:54am and beauty rest is needed. TTYL.

A “Belated” New Year, A “Belated” New YOU!

Hello 2012 🙂

A Belated New Year

Hello! I thought that would be the best place to begin. Next I’m going to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! Although it’s 28 days into it, just take it for what’s it’s worth and lets move on, lol. Well, I’ve been busy and these days are flying right off the calendar it seems. And yesterday I just began the first day of classes of my last semester of college (…hops out the bed! does happy dance! returns to bed.. begins typing again…) Yes, so much has been going on and personally I have been in the midst of a spiritual breakthrough that in one word can only be described as… HAPPY! 😀

You know, I’m at that age/stage in life where I simply don’t give a damn about things that aren’t worth giving a damn about. I’m sure you understood that. I mean I just really don’t care anymore. Negative people… don’t care. Non-life threatening issues… don’t care. Ish that is out of my power to change… don’t care. Then to get real simple with it.. Facebook… don’t care. whatever that happened with so-n-so… don’t care. Oh and… remember back in the days ….. UGH! really don’t care! If it’s not pertaining to something optimistic and/or life enhancing; happy and pleasant; healthy and good for me, then I simply and wholeheartedly…. do not care. This, I must admit feels really good and is a great place to be. (I’m moving in permanently!)

I’m looking forward to the close of a few endeavors that are finally coming to a beautiful ending. I graduate in 4 months… My album is almost complete… The blogs are coming together… and I’ve finally blown the dust off my turntables and actually excited about getting reacquainted with my 1’s and 2’s again. I’ve even begun a book, a memoir of sort that I’m having fun creating. Everything is coming together, but most important I’ve come together finding peace within.

A belated new you…

So yeah I’ve been working on me. And my approach has simply been to do the things I love and to put my all into it. I’ve also been practicing following my own intuition and not being swayed. Meaning, I have been sticking to my guns even on the simplest of things and not allowing others (primarily family members) attempt to sway me by using their guilt, sarcasm, or any other sorts of persuasion techniques that may have worked for them in the past. No.. means NO! Get mad, so what… I don’t care (words to live happily by). And  in the meantime, I’ve been off to myself joyfully doing me, totally shutting out any noise of fear, doubt or confusion, from those too afraid to “Do Them”. And it’s been working for me, wonderfully. Everyone has their own path to follow, so don’t bother me as I’m strolling alone mine.

As far as health, I’m joining the gym this week. More so for social reasons and to give me something to get out and do. I’ve been not only focused on physical health, but spiritual and psychological health as well. Although I have already done so, I’m taking even more time to invest in my own personal health and well being. I encourage everyone else to do so also. At the end of the day all you have is… YOU. If you don’t love yourself, why should anyone else want to. And having friends are great, but there’s nothing like being a friend to yourself. There’s so much to do in this big beautiful world, then sitting around miserable, but the power is in your own hand. So I’ve been enjoying exploring, learning and trying new things in and around my environment. There was so much that I was missing right here in front of my own nose. I recommend to anyone and everyone that reads this little blog of mine, to get out in your own space, open your eyes, look around and discover the things right in front of you, then go do something. Explore. Learn. Try something new. Get up, get motivated, get active, bring life back into your life. Add spice, zest, whatever you want… don’t just sit there and waste your precious gift of life away. Don’t take it for granted… live while you can 🙂

And on that note, I have things to do today… But by all means drop me a line and let me know WHAT’S NEW THAT YOUR DOING FOR YOU? Comment & Share, you never know who you may inspire by doing so. TTYL.

Your Friend,


relax and chill.. take a deep breath or two… listen:

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